How to sew thin fabric


A sewist sure knows the value of a good fabric tube; also called Rouleau loops they are very versatile. So many many uses in sewing. These fabric tubes are very easy to make - you do not need any fancy tool like a loop turner to make these ones; though they are great to have. It is better that you choose a light weight cloth to make these tubes, like chiffon, thin cotton, thin knit fabrics. Heavy Cotton or heavy synthetic materials are best avoided. What do you need to make these tubes.

What is cross- sectional design


The column covered over 35 common research terms used in the health and social sciences. The complete collection of defined terms is available online or in a guide that can be downloaded from the website. Study design depends greatly on the nature of the research question. In other words, knowing what kind of information the study should collect is a first step in determining how the study will be carried out also known as the methodology. Do we want to compare cholesterol levels among different populations of walkers and non-walkers at the same point in time.

What is the effect of axon diameter on conduction velocity


Since the passive electrotonic spread of potential along a nerve fibre is an almost instantaneous process, it may be asked why the nerve impulse is not propagated more rapidly than it actually is. In myelinated fibres the explanation is that there is a definite delay of about 0. Conduction in a non-myelinated fibre is slower than in a myelinated fibre of the same diameter because the membrane capacity per unit length is much greater, and the delay in reversing the potential across it arises everywhere and not just at the nodes. Because the time constant for an alteration of membrane potential depends both on the magnitude of the membrane capacity and on the amount of current that flows into it, conduction velocity is affected by the values of the resistances in the equivalent electrical circuit, and also by the closeness of packing of sodium channels in the membrane, which determines the sodium current density.

How to fill out a real estate excise tax affidavit


The real estate excise tax is a tax on the sale of real estate and is typically paid by the seller of the property. Excise taxes assessed on a conveyance transfer must be paid prior to the recording of the conveyance documents, such as the warranty deed or real estate contract. All documents submitted to the Recorder's Office must be prepared ahead of time. While we do not provide templates and cannot assist with preparation, please do review our formatting tips.

How to do a taco bar for a party


Whether you are planning a party, friends get together afternoon or a Mexican fiesta, serving up a DIY Taco Bar is the perfect solution. When it comes to parties are you are the host, it is so much easier to not have to plate and serve dishes after dishes. Having a taco bar everyone loves a taco , right. The best way is to keep the DIY taco bar simple, really quick to get it ready and budget friendly too. Oana is a Philadelphia based food blogger and most days you can find her in the kitchen cooking, shooting and styling seasonal recipes for her cooking blog, Adore Foods. On rare occasions when she is not in the kitchen she loves spending time with her daughter and her husband or going fishing.

What causes white sores in your mouth


This white lacelike patch on the interior surface of the cheek is typical for oral lichen planus. Oral lichen planus may appear as white, lacy patches; red, swollen tissues; or open sores. These lesions may cause burning, pain or other discomfort. Oral lichen planus can't be passed from one person to another.

How to install invisible fence wire


Now that you've planned your dog fence installation, it's time for the hard work: installing the boundary wire. Before you start digging, take a good look at your plan of where you intend to install the wire and make any last-minute adjustments. Also, as a reminder, before you bury the wire for your dog fence, call your local utility companies to mark any existing underground lines. If you're like most folks, you'll not only need to install your dog fence wire in the ground, but you'll also need to install it across concrete areas like driveways and sidewalks - a prospect that can seem overwhelming.

How tall do tomato plants grow


Want to learn how to plant sprouted potatoes to grow your own food. Just click the "Read More" button to the right. Sometimes, young tomato plants grow tall and thin, stretching themselves out. Other times, your tomato plants seem to grow at a pace that is completely out of control. I have seen this happen in my garden before, and you may also be seeing it in your garden this year.

What is a leaky heart valve


The heart has four valves that open and close when the heart beats. They control blood flow through the four chambers of the heart so that blood goes in only one direction. But a valve may not close properly and lets blood through. With a leaky valve, sometimes not enough blood gets pumped to the rest of the body. The condition can lead to heart failure , sudden cardiac arrest , and death.

What effect does radiation have on living cells


What Is Radioactivity. How Does Radiation Affect Humans. Radiation may come from either an external source, such as an x-ray machine, or an internal source, such as an injected radioisotope. The impact of radiation on living tissue is complicated by the type of radiation and the variety of tissues.