How to become an army penpal

how to become an army penpal

How to Become Pen Pals with a Soldier

Army life is very tough. Lonely long days and isolation with little or no connection with the real world. Soldier are depending on their letters and word they get from friends and family. If so than you should join Soldier penpals. If you wish to become pen-pala with a military guy or a girl you sure have found the right place where you can. Apr 11,  · Paint a picture with words. It goes without saying that many soldiers are homesick. So, a great topic that is always appreciated is the subject of home. Describe where you live, the weather, and light-hearted current events. Paint them a picture that transports them, even for a little while.

Nothing makes you feel the quite the same thrill as receiving a handwritten letter. And who deserves a beautiful gift like that more than the service members in the military that are stationed overseas, away from their friends, families, pets, and homes? Today, more and more people are joining the ranks of military pen pals to send these brave souls a little how to become an army penpal of home that includes encouragement, hope, and gratitude.

Organizations like Military Pen Pals and Any Soldier offer this personal and touching service to people just like you. You can send a bit of home to the people fighting to keep it safe.

You can be easily connected with military personnel and civilian contractors who are stationed around the world. Many of these service members would cherish a supportive note or care package, no matter how simple or grand, and every gesture you send counts.

Even stationers are getting involved in the campaign to connect pen pals with service members. For example, CardsDirect has patriotic designs for you to choose from. Here are some tips to inspire you:. Just be your genuine, conversational and caring self, and it will come through in your writing. You might be unsure how to make a diaper basket how to address your first letter, so use the request for information as your guide.

If a soldier uses their first name, you should feel comfortable to do that too. If they use their rank and last name, follow their lead. If you run into a situation where you are only given the branch of the military the soldier serves in, use the proper salutation. In some cases, a fellow service member may have submitted a request because a friend needed a morale boost, so you may surprise a soldier with your message.

If you have any personal information how to become an army penpal them, like where they are from, include it at the beginning. It goes without saying that many soldiers are homesick. So, a great topic that is always appreciated is the subject of home.

Describe where you live, the weather, and light-hearted current events. Paint them a picture that transports them, even for a little while. There is no doubt soldiers will treasure the imagery you can send to them with just the tip of your pen. You can close your letter with a sincere thanks for all they do, and some easy questions to facilitate their how to become an army penpal back to you. You can feel great knowing you have created a connection with someone who what will my investment be worth at retirement needs a piece of home to hold in their hands.

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What should I write?

Military troops overseas often spend months, even years, away from their families. Amidst the unfamiliar surroundings and stressful duties, it's a comfort to them to receive letters and care packages from back home, even if they're coming from a friendly stranger. Many opportunities exist for you to reach out to a soldier to write letters and send useful items. Many volunteer organizations are dedicated to bringing troops and letter-writers together, including Adopt a U.

Soldier and Adopt a Platoon. Getting involved generally involves registering and agreeing to maintain military privacy by not talking about a soldier's location, missions, deployment length or when he's coming home. The organization will match you with a soldier and provide you with his address so that you can write to him directly, as anonymous letters to "Mr.

Soldier" are no longer allowed for security reasons. Getting in touch with a soldier is no longer just about letter-writing. You can access military forums, such as the one on Military. You can write a post of your own or respond to a soldier's, but remember not to post your contact information publicly.

For security reasons, that information should only be exchanged through private messages between you and the soldier. You may also read and respond to soldiers' requests for pen pals on each branch's social media page, or leave a post of your own.

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