How to build a boat rail system

how to build a boat rail system

Boat Track (rail) System ideas?

May 15,  · How To Build A Boat Rail System. If you're looking to build a small, simple, light-weight boat aluminum is probably the best path to take. You will find all sorts of different types of material to construct the hull from. If you're contemplating building a boat by yourself I . Make Your Boat Come to You. Hewitt's pontoon and boat rail system, called the roll-a-rail, is a convenient way to fully protect boats, pontoons and even float planes from water and weather damage. The boat rail system makes it easy to move your boat or pontoon to and from the water.

Hewitt's pontoon and boat rail system, called the roll-a-rail, is a convenient way to fully protect boats, pontoons and how to build a boat rail system float planes from water and weather damage. The boat rail system makes it easy to move your boat or pontoon to and from the water. This also allows for easy inspection and simplifies periodic maintenance or repairs. Available in a lb model or a lb model that features heavier gauge stainless steel cable and an extra heavy-duty trolley.

Electric motor brake for hoat inclines comes standard on lb model. Roll-A-Rail is available with a variety of additional accessories and can be customized for the shore and water characteristics hw your location. Your craft travels on a heavy-duty aluminum cart and reinforced track. The trolley has full length bunks and keel protectors, and interlocking rail guards prevent derailment.

The enclosure also buil a lockable hasp for added security. The control box features simple push-button operation and an auto stop plug how to lose blackheads on nose connection to an optional limit switch.

Optional polyethylene rail cable guides prevent wear on cross braces when the degree of slope changes. Crossbars with adjustable legs can be added as needed for support on extended runs or where changes in terrain occur. Pivoting rail sections swing up to allow garage or boathouse doors to close completely. Eliminates security or environmental concerns. More Information. Item must be purchased from a dealer. Home ssytem Products. Make Your Boat Come to You Hewitt's pontoon and boat rail system, called the roll-a-rail, is a convenient way to fully sysetm boats, pontoons and even float planes from water and weather damage.

Mechanical spring driven limit switch automatically stops the motor to prevent cart over-travel. Filter your results. Track 2. Cable bjild. Remove all filters.

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Jan 12,  · Re: Boat Track (rail) System ideas? I have seen two systems using the boat trailer with rubber tires. One used a winch to move the rig up and down and the other used an old p/u truck that had a worn out engine (obviously he got it for a song, but for the job at .

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Boat Track rail System ideas? Thread starter paulspaddle Start date Jan 11, Joined Mar 2, Messages Anyone have any ingenious ideas on building one of these boat rail systems? I'm a fan of salvage yards and building my own. Joined Mar 21, Messages 7, Re: Boat Track rail System ideas?

Joined Aug 2, Messages 1, Yea, An old boat trailer, some cable, a winch and an anchor. Joined Apr 6, Messages Is exactly what our neighbor at the cabin uses. Has two winches, one for the bow hook and the other to crank the trailer in and out of the water. Instead of the tongue jack he uses a spare trailer tire. Bondo Moderator Staff member. Joined Apr 17, Messages 67, I've seen trailers with wheels, but no tires used on rail systems too I salvaged a set of 4 steel wheels of a junked chain link fence that had a rolling gate Bond-o said:.

Yup, this was kind of where my head was at. The only issue is it has to come somewhat out of the water in fall. If the ice moves while it is still frozen on shore it can break pretty much anything. Moving the entire trailer introduces me to thinking about a buggy that rolls in and out. Forget about the rail all together. Joined Nov 11, Messages 51, Around here,.. The very least you can get away with is,..

Having a couple of removable sections of track, from the High ice line, down to the end, or into deep enough water, depending on the grades involved Pipe is easier to scavange than rail, It's also abit Lighter to move twice a year Texasmark Supreme Mariner.

Joined Dec 20, Messages 13, I have seen two systems using the boat trailer with rubber tires. The ramps were concrete. One was poured prior to the lake filling and the other afterwards.

Since concrete is a chemical cure, pouring it into water is not a problem as it will cure underwater which it did. All of the systems left the "carriage" in the water while the boat was out on the lake s. If I were to do it, it would be a trailer as with the local clay soil, one does not have to worry about rails shifting with the weather. The fish of choice was sand bass which liked to school and the schooling was chasing threadfin shad which liked to surface when attacked from below.

So these people I am talking about would back their trailers into the water like 4pm and motor out half a mile or so and look for the seagulls who were on top of the surfacing shad the sand white bass forced to the surface. The schooling bass were easy to spot and were in a feeding frenzy You could ease up to the action had to be quiet so as not to spook them which caused them to sound and quit eating and with the right baits, usually a tandem white on one and yellow on the other, bring them in two at a time as fast as you could do the recycle Then after half to a full hour of that arms are worn out back to the dock, drive the boat onto the trailer and for the guy with a winch, a remote control winched him right up and onto his waterfront property Great sport and it can spoil you in a heartbeat.

My 2c Mark My 2c Mark. If you use round pipe for your rails or virtually anything else for rails you could also use rims without tires. They don't have to be special fit to stay on the rails. One thing to think about too would be local government regulations. If a permit is required for the seasonal piers that are on the lake, you can bet that a permit will be needed for the rails.

BTW - Texas Mark I'm looking for some pics of our shore to give you guys an idea what I'm working with. Bigprairie1 Commander. Joined Jun 13, Messages 2, At the very least, scavenge the motor, the mechanism and the receiver to rig up your own system These are very inexpensive and easy to find used Joined Mar 9, Messages 3, I see these systems quite frequently on Okla. Non-corps lakes of course. They always have 3" steel pipe, like oilfield stock.

They simply weld the pipes together with some truss-supports every feet all the way down into the water. Nothing really technical about them, and the use an electric winch to lower them down, and usually a safety strap as well in case the winch binds or cable breaks unlikely. I've seen them on some extremely steep hills, so I'm sure you can put one just about anywhere. The wheels they use are the same type you see on rail-road service vehicles, and could probably be found pretty cheap.

I'm sure they probably stay on the tracks since the docks usually don't float. BigPrairie, I like you idea of a garage door opener , but I don't think it would strong enough. Fairly easy grade into the water, but there will have to be a 'step' up once on shore.

I'm using lbs as my benchmark weight on boat. You must log in or register to reply here.


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