How to draw marcus fenix from gears of war 3

how to draw marcus fenix from gears of war 3

Marcus Fenix Statue

Jul 02,  · Draw a large, rectangular shape for the chest. Draw the basic shape of the head above that. The jawline is strong. and angular. The curve marks on the chest indicate where Marcus's armor will be. In Gears of War 3, the arms are bare, so only the armored "tank top" remains. Gears of War 3 - Marcus Michael Fenix (NSFW) now in XPS SFM port by Kain70 Portered to XPS by me Press Ctrl+A to see optional items NOTE: 1) Bones .

Haldane Hall[2] more commonly known as the Fenix's Estatewas the former home of the Fenix Familyan influential family in Tyrus. It was located within the confines of the East Barricade Academy.

Firstly, the house is located atop a large hill and also has a basement. In this basement, hidden behind a moving wine rack, was Adam Fenix's laboratory.

Within the laboratory was a massive collection of data concerning the Locust tunnel network and structure. Thus, the Estate was one of the primary destinations for Delta Squad on their campaign to arm and deploy the Lightmass Bomb during the Lightmass Offensive. Like most of Ephyrathe building is accessible by the Locust via their Emergence Holes. How to draw marcus fenix from gears of war 3, the house had an old APC at its back entrance, suggesting that the estate may have been used for some kind of military operations before Delta Squad arrived.

Haldane Hall also had extensive grounds, housing a variety of outbuildings and garden features. The sheer size and grandeur of this Estate indicates that Adam Fenix must have been a very wealthy man to afford such a large residence. The Fenix's estate was located on Allfathers Avenue.

Ten years after Emergence DayMarcus Fenix abandoned his post and returned home to evacuate his father Adam Fenix from the estate during the Battle of Ephyrabringing Dominic Santiago with him.

Marcus failed to evacuate his father, however, and was forced to retreat, presuming Adam dead after a crashing King Raven brought down part of the house on Adam, apparently crushing him to death. However, Adam secretly survived and was taken to the island of Azura to continue his research into curing What are good virtues to have. More than four years later, how to seal grout tile floor learning of Adam Fenix's maps in his secret lab from a geobot, Delta Squad, led by Marcus How to draw marcus fenix from gears of war 3, returned to the abandoned Haldane Hall to retrieve the maps and complete the Lightmass Offensive.

Hearing their plans over a captured soldier's radio, the Locust moved to secure the estate in force, committing a substantial amount of troops at East Barricade Academy in an attempt to stop the COG forces from reaching the house. Failing that, the Locust were forced to invade the house itself through Emergence Holes and try to barricade it from the inside.

Delta Squad managed to make it in, and while Baird and Cole repaired an old APC behind the house for use as a method of escape, Dom and Marcus made their way into the basement to Fenix's secret lab.

There, they found the maps they needed, but are shocked to realize that the Hollow is much bigger than anyone ever how to draw marcus fenix from gears of war 3. Delta Squad managed to hold the house long enough to secure the data, then made their escape, abandoning it once again.

Haldane Hall occupied a large plot of land in terms of building and ground size. Surrounding the house was a vast area of gardens and a large courtyard built upon a bank. Upon exiting the back of the home, one would encounter a small courtyard with a fountain in the center.

Surrounding this are many rounded, concrete pots which, as of 14 A. The courtyard then opened to a set of steps leading down to a central pond with a statue of a COG general at its center. There were also a few statues of the COG emblem scattered around the courtyard. Beneath the house is Adam Fenix 's secret lab.

It is located in the basement behind a loose wine rack. In the lab are computers containing all of Adam Fenix's data and research including a map of the Locust tunnels that Adam somehow made. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Haldane Hall by 14 A.

I mean, it was huge, full of books and old paintings. And deserted, you know? That kind of dead silence that says just shut your mouth and feel the awe of history. And then Marcus's mom came through the door like she hadn't seen us, reading some papers she had in her hand, and she says, "Hi sweetheart, you brought some friends home? I'll catch up with you later. I saw the look on Marcus's face, what is a criterium bicycle race knew right then that the guy needed a brother a whole lot more than he needed a library.

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In Gears of War 3, three Marcus multiplayer skins are available: his Gears of War 3 model, Classic Marcus from Gears of War 1 and 2, and Unarmored Marcus. In Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer, Young Marcus can be unlocked through a pre-order code from Gamestop/Game, among other retailers. He can be purchased through the xbox store for $ In Gears of War 4, seven Marcus multiplayer skins are available: Armored Marcus, Biker Marcus, Classic Marcus, Day of the Dead Marcus. Oct 01,  · Also known as: Marcus, Fenix Spoiler Alert: If you have not played the Gears of War 3 Campaign or have not completed it, it is strongly advised that you do not read any further. Gears of War Marcus Fenix This year seems to be a very popular year for video games and the Gears of War 3 - Marcus Fenix | Evil Controllers JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 of 6 Next Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. User Info: claytoncarmine2.

User Info: Nemesis The Bible 2 The Nemesis program has been activated. User Info: MrBlackhole. Again with gaps please. User Info: AlexSobecki. GT: Linkin User Info: wha7leven. User Info: Cowboys. People need to stop complaining. I actually had the ending spoiled by some loser on YouTube, so I can't really comment on this, but keep up the good work. User Info: Krauser I seriously doubt they would kill off a main lead partway through the story.

User Info: LurtzOfIsengard. Whoa whoa. More topics from this board How do I unlock the Onyx Guard? Side Quest 1 Answer How can I change split screen from horizontal to vertical?

General 1 Answer How do i sign in 2nd profile in co-op mode? General 1 Answer Can we choose a different character in gears of war 3 campaign mode? Plot 3 Answers How does the Hammer of dawn work? Side Quest 2 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: claytoncarmine2 claytoncarmine2 9 years ago 1 I would like to take my blog on my theory for the locust aside for one blog post discussion.

It is about Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago. Well you see my theory is about do you think one of those two are going to die or somebody else. I am now going to tell you about my theory but before I talk about it nobody say Clayton Carmine is going to die. Because they already announced that this Carmine will survive.

Well so back to my theory. So you see my theory is that I was looking at all the mission names throughout the game, which btw is all together five acts.

So the last mission of act 5 is named Reckoning. Which within my theory is its probably going to follow the definition of the word which would be to retribution for one's actions aka Payback or there someone is completely gonna get owned.

Well you see in my opinion I think either Marcus or Dom is going to die. Now listen why because for Marcus Fenix it would be some part obvious to why they would kill off one of the most liked characters throughout the whole game. It would actually make a lot of sense if you really think about it. Now trust me on September 20th when the game comes out I am only going to be concentrating on the campaign, because I like finding out more about the characters before I actually play them.

But back to what I was saying if Marcus does end up dying I will be very upset and at the same time most likely be flipping out at the screen and anybody who says Marcus sucks, or he had it coming, or why would you like him. Now on to my theory about Dom Santiago. Now you see the reason I think Dom is going to die is well he is way to depressed. But yet again who wouldn't be after the situation of killing his own wife due to torturing purposes by the locust.

So I agree percent of why he would be depressed. So it would make the most sense out of all of the characters to die. Now Dom might not be my totally favorite character. But he is my top fifth favorite character throughout the whole gears of war series. Also if you look throughout the trailer for Ashes To Ashes when he is running through the ash statues and then trips onto to the ground and he was about to be killed by a locust and he just stood there and was going to let him shoot him when Marcus shoots the Locust drone right before he is about to shoot Dom.

Also when I was looking through the campaign missions. In act 3 I would believe there is a mission named Ashes To Ashes. So there is a possibility that he could die on the Ashes to Ashes Mission. But yet again there is a possibility he would not die either due to him dying to quickly in the game. But I guess we will find out. This is the end of my theory for now. User Info: claytoncarmine2 claytoncarmine2 Topic Creator 9 years ago 4 yeah ik sorry it was a little long.

User Info: claytoncarmine2 claytoncarmine2 Topic Creator 9 years ago 6 hey im sorry if you cant read it i promise my next post will have gaps in between it i kinda just started doing this. User Info: Cowboys Cowboys 9 years ago 8 People need to stop complaining. User Info: Krauser86 Krauser86 9 years ago 9 I seriously doubt they would kill off a main lead partway through the story. Looking for Savage Grenadier and Savage Kantus.

Side Quest. How can I change split screen from horizontal to vertical? How do i sign in 2nd profile in co-op mode? Can we choose a different character in gears of war 3 campaign mode?

How does the Hammer of dawn work?


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