How to get internet radio stream url

how to get internet radio stream url

Radio Directories: The Ultimate 2020 Guide

Oct 01, †Ј In this video, you will find out how to find, stream url's for radio stations, this is the best method to find the url' 1: import re import urllib2 import string url1 = raw_input("Please enter a URL from Tunein Radio: "); open_file = medatlove.comn(url1); raw_file =; API_key = medatlove.coml(r"StreamUrl\":\".*?),",raw_file); #print API_key; #print "The API key is: " + API_key[0]; use_key = medatlove.comn(str(API_key[0])); key_content =; raw_stream_url = medatlove.coml(r"Url\": .

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I've been asked to make how to get internet radio stream url online streaming android application for a certain radio station.

I've experience with streaming in android for certain mp3 or whatever stream. Gadio I don't know the stream url to provide in mediaPlayer. Is there any way to get the stream url from the ofiicial streaming page for ex. Shahar's answer was really helpful, but I found it quite tedious to do this all myself, so I made a nifty little Python program:.

The provided answers didn't work for me. I'm adding another answer because now is where I ended up when searching for radio stream urls. When you go to a stream url, you get offered a file. Stack Overflow for Teams Ч Inernet and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. How to radoi streaming url from online streaming radio station Ask Question.

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That's it! This can hardly qualify as an answer. It applies only to the station of the what to do with leftover corned beef broth given in the description! It doesn't apply to the question "How to get streaming url from online how to get internet radio stream url radio station", which is srream any radio station!!

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HOW TO IDENTIFY INTERNET RADIO URL STREAMS EXAMPLE 2: 1. Open your favourite web browser. 2. Type (or search for) a live radio manager website. is used in this example. 3. In this website, search your radio and click on У.m3uФ or Ф.plsФ link. An У.m3uФ or УplsФ file will be downloaded. 4. The URL is found by right-clicking the browser page and choosing "Inspect Element." The Network tab will indicate the stream URLs. METHOD #1: SEARCH IPTV LINKS WEBSITES. There are many websites that post video stream URLs. Many of them give you a daily updated list. Below is a few of them. You can search for more via search engine. A live stream url grabber I use is to search keyword such as Ф #EXTINF: 1, Channel nameФ in Google search.

A business will use the yellow pages to promote itself Чdo the same for your radio with an internet radio directory. Many will list your stream for free. And the more directories you list your radio, the easier it is for listeners to find you. You'll need your station's public stream URL to list your station on radio directories. If you're using our radio hosting services , the URL is in the dashboard section of your console:. Streema lists over 70, radios and 10, television stations.

Visitors find stations based on the genre or region. Streema also ranks the most popular streams on their homepage. The Stationzilla directory has over 64, radios. It's unique from other directories in that, it breakdowns and lists the most songs popular by genre on a daily basis.

There are over 30, stations in the radio. What's more, the radio. But it hasn't aged well and their popularity has been declining to say the least. They have now stopped providing "authhash" version 2. If you don't already have one, you are out of luck, which might not be a bad thing after all Online Radio Box lists stations from around the world. It also caters to smartphone users with its Android and iOS app. RadioTower list stations that air for 24 hours every day.

Radioline has over 60, listed stations. You get your own page, where you can upload an electronic program guide and more. Their online player has social media buttons allowing listeners to share your stream instantly. There is a Radioline app for Android and iOS. It's an exclusive directory, which offers listeners a novel way of discovering radio stations using its random picker. You click on a genre name and get a random station. It also has an android and iOS app. TuneIn lists over , radio stations from countries.

Over 60 million people use TuneIn to access radio stations, news, sports, music, shows, and podcasts. Filter Music lists radios with streams of Kbps or more. They also accept other genres like hip-hop and reggae. Filter music has an android and iOS app. On the LiveRadio. They also have stations from countries, categorized by genres and regions. Users on LiveRadio.

But you can also listen on your web browser. It has about 24, radio stations from countries. But its development is currently on hold. Users can create accounts to comment or add stations to their favourite list. Created by two Russian radio amateurs, LogFm has grown tremendously with about 45, radio stations in its directory.

Listeners can find you by browsing the genre or region categories, or by searching for your name. If their submission page is not working, you can send an email with details at info logfm. But you can find more ways to contact them on the homepage.

Live Online Radio lists stations based on their regions. Their blog is active, and it features entries by individual radios. Since , STN has helped people find quality radio and television streams.

You find stations by region or genre. Visitors can also rate radios. By creating an account, they can build a list of their favorite streams. Clicking on any dot gives you a list of available streams. You find new stations by rotating the globe.

There is an iOS and android Radio Garden app. Both are highly rated. The Internet Radio directory has about 35, internet radio stations. Listeners can tune in using a media player, or through a popup player.

Alongside each radio player, the directory displays a link to your website, genres, current listeners, and bitrate. The directory lists radio stations from Trinidad and Tobago on their homepage. FM categorizes stations by genres and regions. You can create a profile for your station.

Here, visitors can rate your stream or leave comments using a Facebook plugin. For a fee, RadioGuide. FM can promote your station on their homepage. Headquartered in Kazakhstan, the directory has more than 3, radio stations. LaRadioFM also has an android app.

Radio Forest users can either use their online player or media programs to listen to your stream. Music Goal was a directory that listed webcams, podcasts, and radios. They had about 11, stations on the platform.

But it is no longer operational. Stream Finder has more than 31, radio stations. Deezer is a streaming service, which lets users listen to music at a monthly fee. Screamer Radio is a directory with thousands of stations. Note that, listeners can only tune in using the Screamer Radio desktop program. If you're using the Icecast technology, getting listed on the Icecast directory is automatic. If you use the Steamcast streaming technology, your station gets listed automatically to the Steamcast directory.

If you're using our services, check to see if List on Steamcast is toggled on. Target as many directories as you can. And we''ll keep adding more radio directories for you.


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