How to get pichu in super smash bros melee

how to get pichu in super smash bros melee

Pichu (SSBM)

These are all the secret characters: Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Luigi, Marth, Mewtwo, Mr. Game & Watch, Pichu, Roy and Young Link. To unlock Pichu you must either play vs matches or complete Event 37 (Legendary Pokemon). You will then fight Pichu so beat him and you will unlock him. Apr 04,  · Use Electric Skull, then follow up with a Tail Hit and finish with a Headbutt Smash. Finally, Pichu's rescue move, Agility, makes recovery fairly easy. Just press up + B when in the air, then.

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What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Gt No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Pichu Guide by Bkm Version: 0. Pichu Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee By Bkm e-mail all things that could help this guide to bkm aol. A history of my guide writing ii. Hros I. Why use Pichu? How do I get Pichu? Move List IV. Stage Guide V. Classic Mode VI. Adventure Mode VII. Credits IX. Copyright Stuff i. A history of my guide writing what history?

I'm Bkm, and and this is my second guide. All who have read it In fact This irritated me, so I decided to make what you're reading right now. Is that a good thing? I what is the most popular song right now hope so.

But now I'm rambling. So I'll shut up and move on to the good stuff. If you see a strategy that makes you think, "How did this guy get his own FAQ? And then I'd like you to e-mail your attempts to me how to get pichu in super smash bros melee I can what is hip and ridge shingles it to this guide.

Plus you get credit for it down in the credits. Good deal if you ask me. Updates 1. Got through All-Star mode. Other 1-P modes should be up before long. Between being the lightest character in the game, sper the fact that some its stronger attacks hurt itself, I can see why.

And if that's not incentive to use it Well, Pichu's a secret character, so you gotta do ug work to get it. You've got 2 options. You can either play Vs. After doing either, Pichu will challenge you. Beat the patheticness known as the CPU Pichu, and it's yours!

Move List This part has all of Pichu's moves, what they do, and how I suggest you use them. I had a key in my Pikachu guide, but I think you can figure it out for yourself. Oh, and as for the names Sjash just what I call them. It's pretty fast even while walking. It's better emlee running, though. See Brls run. See Pichu run circles around slower characters.

Ot you can tell from that thrilling story, Pichu's pretty quick. Not too many can outrun it with ease. I'll give Pichu that much. Oh well. At least Pichu gets a good nap out of it. If that doesn't scream 'don't use me', go get your hearing checked. Still, walking is a bad idea for Pichu unless you're far away from the action. Just watch out for a quick counterattack, because it will take a splitsecond for Pichu to regain control.

But not on Pichu. Unless your opponent is idiotic to the point where they don't notice you using this or if you're using a Cloaking Devicestay away from it.

For heavier opponents though, use more powerful attacks. It's good for knocking others away or to knock away opponents like Bowser if you somehow end up that closeotherwise, limit your use of Spark. That's what it should be primarily used for, though.

My personal favorite of Pichu's smashes. Note: You can substitute the A for Z for Pichu's air attack. The Z editions do slightly more damage. However, I think this counts as a missed throw.

So beware if you're going for a high score. Nothing wrong with it as an air move Pichu has better air attacks.

Just isn't a good idea. While Pichu may have better air attacks, this is the one I personally find myself using most often. Sure, that damage is It's certainly no Electric Drill. In the air, it'll start as a tiny spark, then when it reaches the ground it acts normally. Also, note how when it reaches the edge, instead of going over it, it goes around that edge instead. Not an overly great characteristic The problem is that it takes Pichu forever to fully charge this.

This is still arguably Pichu's best damage dealing move, provided you can connect with it. You can even use it on edgeguarders if you're close enough to the edge when you use it. One of Pichu's better moves without a doubt. However, it can't do the light damage Quick Attack does which would help offset the damage to Pichu. However, Pichu is only damaged if the actual attack hits it. There are two ways of avoiding this: get a running start, jump, and use it, or use it while under a platform.

That way you get the damage without With some practice, this can be one of the game's best juggling moves What are sweepstakes places in nc personal fav throw, since it provides combo opportunities. However, it doesn't knock opponents away. So be wary of this throw. L, R, or hold Z: Supsr Pichu puts up a shield to defend itself from all attacks.

However, both time and other attacks drain the shield's power. If it breaks, Pichu is exposed for picnu how to get pichu in super smash bros melee do whatever mayhem they want. And considering Pichu's the lighest character in the game There are two different shields: one made by L or R takes almost no time to set up, but one made by holding Z defends better. While not too bad, it's the other things like this that you need to learn about

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Pichu Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee By Bkm (e-mail all things that could help this guide to [email protected] Version Last Updated: Thursday, July 1, . Pichu was a bit of a a joke character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, so it wasn’t too shocking that they didn’t return in the subsequent Brawl or Smash 4. In Ultimate however, Pichu has been given a new lease of life, and a stark boost in power. Feb 14,  · Pichu is a playable unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. confirmed in a development news update shortly after Melee's release, Pichu was purposed to be a "joke character" because of its status as an inferior clone of Pikachu that possesses more weaknesses and weaker strengths. Its most infamous flaw is based on its Pokedex description of unintentionally harming itself Debut: Pokemon Gold and Silver Versions ().

Pichu is the "baby" pre-evolution of Pikachu , and in Melee , Pichu has a nearly identical moveset, making it a clone. Pichu is currently ranked 22nd in the D tier, and is the lowest ranked clone and unlockable character in the game. Pichu possesses a surprisingly good grab game, is very quick as most of its attacks have little to no start-up lag, and also has a decent air game with a slew of powerful attacks, some even more powerful than those of its counterpart, Pikachu.

However, all of Pichu's strengths are severely outweighed by its weaknesses: poor range and being prone to chain throws despite its small size, due to the unusually high amounts of hitstun it sustains as a result of being the game's lightest character; the latter attribute also means that as the game's lightest character, all throws performed against it become very fast and short, meaning opponents recover very quickly.

It takes recoil damage from its own electric attacks, hindering its KOing ability, as most of its finishing attacks involve electricity. Pichu suffers from abysmal matchups, and it has the highest amount of very unfavorable matchups of any character in any Smash game, having a total of twelve.

By comparison, Bowser , the lowest on the tier list, has six, and Kirby , the second lowest on the tier list, has seven. Furthermore, Pichu has no advantageous matchups, with three being even against Yoshi , Kirby and Bowser , when even these matchups can be disputed at length.

It appears that Pichu is intended to be a sub-par character, since its trophy descriptions mention that it is " top of the class in weakness " and it is " best suited for handicapped matches. Pichu, as a character, falls under the archetype of being nimble, yet relatively weak; while slightly stronger than Pikachu in some cases, its moveset generally consists of attacks that deal much lower damage and knockback than Pikachu or most other characters in the cast.

Due to its high traction and average falling speed, Pichu has a rather short wavedash; additionally, its quick and low-lag aerials also give Pichu a good SHFFL, much like Pikachu's. As such, Pichu can easily maneuver around stages, with very low landing lag, a small frame and a rather fast dash, as well as decent jumping power.

One of Pichu's main advantages is its perhaps surprising power. While its smashes are all of short range, all are unusually powerful considering Pichu's small frame.

Its up smash and forward smash contain incredible power, being able to KO characters reliably at as little as 70 to 80 percent, while its down smash semi-spikes opponents and has invincibility frames. Professionals consider Pichu's neutral aerial to be the best tool in its arsenal, as it comes out very quickly and has very low ending and landing lag, especially when L-canceled.

Pichu can approach enemies with neutral aerial, rack up respectable damage with long strings of it, and create pseudo-walls of pain if the player chooses to continue the strings off-stage.

Aside from this, Pichu's up aerial allows it to juggle enemies into the air. Its other aerials are lackluster, but these two moves alone give Pichu quite a force in the air.

Pichu also has decent throws; its forward and back throws can knock opponents off stage or set up combos, while its up and down throws can chain throw fastfallers and tech chase characters respectively.

Pichu's greatest flaw, however, is its significant range problems. All of its best and most powerful attacks are very close to its body, making it tough for Pichu to KO or inflict damage easily especially against characters with disjointed hitboxes , having only a handful of options for approaching enemies.

Although Pichu does have access to two projectiles Thunder Jolt and Thunder , both cause recoil damage and are easily telegraphed, making them unreliable and punishable if used excessively.

Pichu's grab game is also heavily hampered by its short range, at the third shortest in the game, making it difficult for players to consistently take advantage of Pichu's decent throws. Many of Pichu's poorest matchups stem from it being unable to deal with individual moves of characters such as Sheik 's forward tilt or a large portion of Marth 's moveset because it lacks tools that have enough range to counter the attacks.

Additionally, Pichu suffers from the infamous recoil damage it receives from using almost any of its attacks involving electrical hitboxes. In several of Pichu's attacks, especially those that involve electricity, at least one percent of damage is directly inflicted onto it; using Agility to recover alone adds four percent to Pichu each time it is used. This recoil damage is especially crippling to Pichu; with the lowest weight in the game being lighter than Jigglypuff and average falling speed, Pichu's survivability is among the worst in the game, meaning that this recoil damage, coupled with damage inflicted by the opponents, can cause Pichu to be more easily KOed than any other character in the game.

Outside of making Pichu even easier to KO, the extra damage taken through recoil also reduces how long it can utilize crouch cancelling. In order for Pichu to avoid the significant drawbacks of recoil damage, players need to strike a proper balance between Pichu's electrical and non-electrical moves; as a benefit to Pichu, arguably Pichu's best KOing and comboing moves, such as its neutral air and up smash, do not use electricity, making recoil damage less of a problem if the player is careful enough not to use electrical moves, such as its forward smash and forward throw, too often.

Pichu's defensive game is also poor, with short tech rolls and a slow, short ledge roll, making it far easier for enemies to punish Pichu for attempting to dodge. Its shield is rather large for its size, however, making shield stabbing less of a problem for it. Furthermore, despite being a lightweight, Pichu is also quite vulnerable to combos some of which are either infinite or zero-death , such as Ganondorf 's chain throw due to its abnormally high hitstun.

Pichu not only performs significantly worse than Pikachu, but is considered a bottom-tier character and sometimes even referred to as a joke character. Although Pichu is very small, this makes its range very low. It also has a somewhat below-average approach as its only option is Thunder Jolt to use as a projectile while Thunder isn't good either, due to being able to SDI out of the move for being multi-hit.

It's also the lightest character in the game which makes it extremely easy to KO, although its small hurtbox makes this somewhat difficult. Arguably one of Pichu's biggest flaw is that it takes recoil damage from its electrical attacks, harming its survivability even more.

As a result of its major flaws, it is considered to arguably be the worst clone in the game and overall one of the worst clones in the series. For a gallery of Pichu's hitboxes, see here.

Note: Just like Captain Falcon , Pichu's taunt will be different depending on which side it is facing, but both taunts finish at the same time and have the same IASA frames, like Captain Falcon as both of his taunts have 60 frames apiece. Pichu was always seen as a joke character by the Melee community; from the start, many noted that it was completely outclassed by Pikachu , who was already considered a below-average character at the time. With its poor approach coupled with many attacks that damaged itself, including its own recovery , as well as its terrible overall reach , extremely light weight , and difficulty in putting pressure on the opponent, many professionals doubted that Pichu could ever develop a deep metagame or gain any notable professional players.

Pichu was 25th on first tier list , and has since consistently shifted from 25th to 26th and back, competing with Bowser , Kirby , and Mewtwo for the lowest placement on the tier list.

Despite these placements, there still exists debate over Pichu's tier standing; some players believe that Pichu should be ranked last due to its extreme frailty and few ways to break through opponents. This is exhibited by Pichu players unable to make an impact on any significant tournaments for several years, with none of the top 96 placers of any major Melee tournament being dedicated Pichu players, and its only players are either inactive or have better characters to choose from.

Conversely, many smashers attest that Pichu is not the worst character in the game, due to its surprisingly powerful neutral air combos and good speed for a low-tier.

Mew2King , arguably the world's best Pichu player, notably believes that Pichu is far from the worst character in the game , ranking it 19th on his personal tier list.

Additionally, Armada placed it at 22nd on his own tier list. In Classic Mode, Pichu can appear as an ordinary fighter in one on one battles, as an ally or as an opponent alongside Kirby or Pikachu, as the sole opponent in a multi-character battle or as a metal opponent in the second to last stage.

Pichu's theme, Battle Theme can also play on the stage. Unlike normal gameplay, however, Battle Theme plays here. In addition to the normal trophy about Pichu as a character, there are two trophies about it as a fighter, unlocked by completing the Adventure and All-Star Modes respectively with Pichu on any difficulty:.

This article is about Pichu's appearance in Super Smash Bros. For the character in other contexts, see Pichu. Smash Bros. Dojo: Pichu translated ; original posted Navigation Main page Smash Bros. Ultimate Smash Bros. Brawl Smash Bros. Melee Smash Bros. Pichu in Super Smash Bros. Does an extremely quick headbutt. Can easily chain into itself, and even infinite against some characters on walls.

Plants itself on its upper paws and kicks both its feet forward. Low range and knockback, though a fast move. This attack can be angled up and down. Swipes its tail above its body in an arc.

Very low range and somewhat slow, though sets up for aerial combos and follow ups. Swipes its tail in front of itself. Short ranged, but can act as a good method for spacing. Launches a short jolt of electricity from its cheeks. Very powerful finisher, KOs at relatively low percentages. Incredible knockback when fully charged, KOs light characters at very low damages near the edge.

However, this attack can be SDI'd out of. Has transcendent priority. Headbutts upwards similar to Mario's up smash, except that Pichu's head has no intangibility frames.

One of his best finishers and one of the strongest up smashes in the game. Quickly spins in place. It has more range than it appears and has some invincibility frames at the beginning of the move, as well as being powerful. Curls up in a ball and does somersaults in the air. Notorious for effectively comboing into itself at almost any percent. One of the best neutral airs overall for its speed and combo ability.

Does a barrel roll in the air, emitting sparks. Hits multiple times with minimal damage. Tied with Agility for the most recoil damage in Pichu's moveset. Swiftly swings its tail above itself in an arc. Can set up many combos on fast fallers. Lacks semi-spike properties compared to Pikachu 's. Does a barrel roll, like its forward aerial, except that it is facing downwards. Creates a small shockwave that hurts nearby opponents when Pichu lands during the attack.

Places the opponent on its back and shocks them, sending them forward. This throw hits multiple times and has low knockback. Oddly, this is Pichu's only throw that inflicts recoil, despite all of them dealing electrical damage.

Tosses foe up and headbutts them with electricity. Decent chaingrabbing ability, especially against fast fallers. Pichu's main projectile. Fires a jolt of electricity forward. It travels forward while bouncing along the ground, and can also travel up walls, below the edge , and along ceilings.


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