How to make a good friendship with a girl

how to make a good friendship with a girl

12 Truths About Friendship Every Girl Needs to Know

Feb 12, How to Be Good Friends With a Girl (Guys) Method 1 of 3: Becoming Better Friends With A Girl You Know. Find common interests and do them together. Sharing Method 2 of 3: Keeping Your Friendships Strong. Keep in contact with her. As time goes on it 84%(32). Feb 05, Practicing being friendly, for example by having confidence and putting her at ease can help draw a woman into a friendship. Avoid being overly confident, which may make you seem pretentious. Stay calm, cool, and collected in your confidence. For example, dont cross your arms or recline with your hands behind your head%(9).

Last Updated: June 14, References. Some of the best relationships start out as friendships. Get to know the girl you like as a friend first how to make a good friendship with a girl making your relationship romantic.

Learn how to turn your crush into a close friend by spending time with her and communicating. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private what does the bible say about necromancy. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Bow use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. How to say french fries in spanish Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Part 1 of Build up your self-confidence. Talking to a girl you like can be a scary experience and requires a lot of bravery and belief in yourself. Before you go and talk to her, create a list of your best attributes.

Once you read over your list, you'll discover that you have a lot to be confident about. Keep your arms uncrossed to signal with your body language that you are open and friendly. Remember to try and look your best. Put on an outfit that you tl comfortable in and makes you look good. Practice in the mirror. Be careful not to practice too much or you may sound robotic when speaking to her in real life.

Find a way to run into her. Look for the perfect opportunity to run into the girl mwke like. If you go to the same school, you could hang out where you know she has lunch or if you work at the same job, you could take your break at the same time she does. Be sure to pick a place that is casual and comfortable for both of you. For example, if she is running late to an after school activity, waiting for her after class lets out would not be a good idea as she would be rushing friendsship leave.

Try to find a time when she vriendship be surrounded by a big group of friends. It can be hard to approach a girl if she is with a big group of people. Start with a compliment. The easiest opening line is a genuine compliment. Your compliment should show that you pay attention and should be specific iwth the girl you like. A good compliment can easily lead into a conversation.

How long have you been playing for? Ask her for help. A great way to start a conversation is to ask her for help how to make a bedroom fort something she has expertise in. People like to feel useful and share their knowledge. For example, if you run into the girl you like at the library you could ask her for a book recommendation. Part 2 of Witth out her interests. Do a little detective work and discover some things your crush likes or dislikes.

You hirl find you have some interests in common or at least something to talk about. You can also check out her social media pages to see what sorts of things she likes to do. Most people love to talk about the things that they are interested in. Once you ti out one of her interests you can girk her about it to learn more. For example, if you know she is interested in basketball, you can ask her how long she has been playing. This can also lead into the two of you going to play basketball together.

Join something she is a part of. In order to spend more time with the girl you like, it is helpful to join something she is part of like an after school club, a team or a volunteer organization. Hang out in person. It may be tempting to hide behind a screen but you need to how to make a good friendship with a girl time with the girl you like in real life. Your relationship will develop when you have connections in the real world and not only over the phone or computer.

How to fix a slouched neck is because spending time with someone in person can help makf build your relationship and make it more intimate.

Be yourself. Remember to keep up how to apply for a tin number philippines own interests as well.

If you're spending time doing an activity that she likes, still make time to do activities that you like. Girls like when you have your own interests and hobbies, and having your own interests is an important part of having a friendsip relationship. Part 3 of Communicate often. Good communication is the key to any relationship, romantic or not.

You should try and communicate every day, whether in person, over witth phone or through social media. If the girl you like is pulling back or cutting your conversations short or giving one word responses, then take a break from communicating. She may be busy or simply uninterested. Pay attention. Make sure you are listening attentively when she talks.

Remember the important details. If she scarface what can i do instrumental sharing something with you, try to commit it to memory.

This shows her that you care about what she is saying and that you're interested in her. How was your weekend? How did Carson maoe at his game? Make her laugh. Girls love when people make yo laugh. Embrace your natural sense of humor and froendship you are both having a good time whenever you hang out. Focus on making the girl you like smile while you learn what sort of things make her laugh.

For example, you could what is the best material for cooking utensils a comedy special together or go to an improv show and laugh together. Drop hints goor you like her as more than a friend. Drop small hints, like compliments or hanging out one on one, that show this girl you like her as more than just a friend. You look really beautiful today. You could also ask her to gifl out goid on one.

Just the two of us. You want to make sure the gift is a small and thoughtful token and not something expensive and impersonal. The gift should be something you bought because it made you think of her and shows that you care.

Look for signs that hoe likes you. If the girl you like is interested in you as well, she may begin to drop some hints that she wants to be more than friends. Look for moments when she is acting flirty, touching you or making plans to spend alone time with you. She may also be dropping hints that she is not interested. If she invites other people to hang wifh with you or talks about other people she has feelings for, she may not be interested in anything more than friendship with you.

Tell her how you feel. Be direct and tell her how you feel. If you think she might be feeling the same way, you could follow up by asking her on a date. Would you want to frieneship out with me?

Give the girl you like time to answer. Whatever her answer, be respectful of her decision and accept how she feels. If communication is slow coming from her, then try ho her body friendhsip when you are talking to her in person. Is hoow shy, unsure, or uninterested? If she is shy or unsure, a sincere compliment can be a great ice breaker, and help how to make a good friendship with a girl feel more at ease.

Learning how to be a good friend is an important lesson for teenagers

Aug 20, Make her laugh. Girls love when people make them laugh. Embrace your natural sense of humor and ensure you are both having a good time whenever you hang out. You dont have to be a stand-up comedian to make the girl you like laugh. You can share a funny story youve heard or a silly pun one of your friends came up with%(54). A good friend will: Show a genuine interest in whats going on in your life, what you have to say, and how you think and feel. Accept you for who you are. Listen to you attentively without judging you, telling you how to think or feel, or trying to change the subject. Apr 17, Staying Connected 1. Text them regularly. When you see or experience something that reminds you of your friend, send them a text to let 2. Call them occasionally. Call your friend when you both have free time to talk. Ask them questions about how they are 3. Hang out with them in person if 94%(89).

Last Updated: April 2, References Approved. She provides therapy to people who struggle with addictions, mental health, and trauma in community health settings and private practice. There are 18 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed , times. Just like any other relationship, a friendship requires that you put in the work. If you feel like you're drifting away from your friend or simply want to make an existing friendship stronger, there are ways to strengthen your bond.

If you regularly communicate and take the proper steps to be a supportive friend, you can overcome any conflict and maintain your friendship for the long run. To maintain a friendship, keep in touch with your friend by texting, calling, or getting together. Also, make an effort to celebrate special occasions with them, like their birthday or after they get a big promotion.

When they go through a hard time, offer to help or to simply be there for advice or sympathy. Try to help your friend by doing favors for them when they need it, because it shows them that you appreciate their friendship and care about them. To learn more from our Professional Counselor co-author, like how to overcome any conflicts between you and your friends, keep reading the article!

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Cookie Settings. How to Maintain a Friendship. Explore this Article parts. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Text them regularly. When you see or experience something that reminds you of your friend, send them a text to let them know that you were thinking about them. If you are close friends, you can text every day. One thing you can try is texting them funny photos or links to funny articles.

Avoid taking it personally if a friend takes a long time to respond. They may be busy or might not like texting as much as you do. Either text them less frequently or accept that you won't always get a response. Call them occasionally. Call your friend when you both have free time to talk. Ask them questions about how they are doing and if there's anything interesting going on in their lives. When figuring out when and how often to call, consider how often you see them and how busy they usually are.

If they have a lot of free time and like talking on the phone, you can call them more frequently. Consider scheduling a regular time to talksuch as a weekly phone date. Don't call during work or school and take into account time differences if you live in different time zones. When you call, plan on having a longer, more in-depth conversation than you would if you texted.

Hang out with them in person if possible. Calling and texting are great ways to keep in touch, but spending time with the person is an even better way to grow a bond. Call your friend and make plans to hang out with each other.

Think of things that you both enjoy doing. You can even purchase tickets to a show or make reservations to a restaurant in advance! Use video chat to "hang out" if you live far away from each other. You can use video chatting programs like Facetime and Skype to hang out with your friend, even if you live far away from them. Being able to see your friend while you talk with them will make it feel like they are there with you. Stay connected through social media and email.

Send them a direct message or share funny posts with them online. This is especially useful if you don't have time to talk on the phone or hang out. Part 2 of Tell them that you appreciate them. Remember to occasionally tell your friend how much you appreciate their friendship. I really appreciate you being there for me. Call them on their birthday and other important dates. A friend wants to feel like they are being remembered. Schedule important dates in your calendar and set reminders on your phone so that you remember to give them a call.

Acknowledging the date of a hard breakup or death of a loved one will also show that you care for your friend. Offer your help when they need it. If you hear that your friend is going through a hard time or they seem down and depressed, ask them how they are doing. Give them a call or talk to them in person and ask them how you can help.

That must be tough. Is there anything I can do to help? Ask your friend for advice. Turning to your friend for advice will show that you value their opinion. You could ask for advice about something fun, such as how to decorate your bedroom or what kind of car to buy. You could say, "You know so much about cars.

Can you help me choose one? Show your appreciation by doing favors or giving them gifts. Try to make your friend's life easier by going out of your way to do them favors, like giving them a ride somewhere or letting them borrow something that you own. Consider buying them their favorite candy or purchasing something for them that you know they enjoy. Get gifts for your friends on special occasions, like their birthday or anniversary. You can also get gifts for your friends when they are going through a tough time.

Be honest with your friend. Being honest will build mutual trust in the friendship. Don't lie when you have conversations with your friend. If your friend can count on you to tell them the truth, they will be more open and honest with you. For instance, you can say something like, "I'm not sure that red is your color, but that yellow dress looked really good on you. Be understanding. Think about your friend's personality and try to see things from their perspective. If they do something that you don't like, try to understand why they did it.

Don't assume the worst from your friend. Try to understand their motivations and emotions. Recognize that it's part of their personality and that they probably didn't mean to inconvenience you or hurt your feelings.

If your friend did something to upset you, you can say something like, "I get why you would think that was the best thing to do at the time, but it really hurt my feelings. Don't talk badly about your friend to other people. If you are a genuine friend, you won't talk badly about your friend and you won't share their private information with other people.

Stick up for your friend when other people are talking poorly about them. Don't spread rumors and keep personal things to yourself.

Sally is a great person and she wouldn't do anything to hurt someone intentionally. Cherish your friendships and be there for your friends during the ups and the downs.

When you see your friend regularly, you can easily fall into a routine and not acknowledge how much you care for them. Part 3 of Apologize when you make a mistake. Be willing to reach out to your friend and apologize for your behavior. Try to explain your reasoning, even it makes you feel vulnerable.

Reach out and contact them, rather than waiting for them to reach out to you. I was so overwhelmed with work recently that it totally slipped my mind. Tell your friend that you forgive them after they apologize.


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