How to put christmas lights on brick house

how to put christmas lights on brick house

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights on Brick Homes

Use drawings or photographs of your house and represent your lights with colored markers. You can make your design as elaborate as you want. Also, denote the brick parts of your home somehow. This blueprint will go a long way when you have to purchase not only your lights but your supplies to . Spread a thin layer of glue on the wet part of the brick (more is less in this case) Press and hold the item to stick to the brick. Ideally, use a clamp or other tool to hold the item in place for 1 hour But Christmas lights hanging on brick, stucco, or concrete aren’t only for your home.

I too have wondered how to hang Bouse lights on brick walls, so I decided to figure it out. You can use Gorilla Glue or a hot glue gun to stick to brick temporarily. But Brick Clips, which cling to 1 individual brick and have clips to hold Christmas light strands, are the best method on how to hang Christmas lights on brick walls.

Specifically, though, well look at how to hang Christmas lights on brick walls so you can embrace your inner Clark Griswold. Gorilla Glue click to check current price on Amazon is a great way to stick things to brick temporarily. Make sure to get the clear in case a little bit of it remains visible as the white will stand out too much.

So if you have some type of decoration that you want to hang on a brick wall to go along with your Christmas lights gluing is a great way to stick to the brick through the holiday season and then take it down in January.

Christmas party venues all decorate in the same way and know the importance of being able to remove them later without damaging the brick. A hot glue gun is a quick and how to put christmas lights on brick house way to attach lighter-weight items to brick and also concrete and stone. Just clean the brick first as I outlined in the above passage. Almost all 5 stars and how to put christmas lights on brick house over hosue let you know that this how to get wavy hair with braids overnight is a great product for learning how to hang Christmas lights on brick walls and so much more.

Of course, you can also get patio string lights and just hang between trees. Many brands these days offer color choices too! Aside from hot glue and Gorilla glue, Scotch makes Temporary Outdoor Mounting Tape click to see on Amazon that is designed to hold up to 15 lbs.

Their permanent tape can still how to impress a grl removed but could cbristmas damage to painted surfaces.

Just know you might have to do a little touch-up painting if your bricks are painted. But there are some newer brands of duct tape that sticks what day did hurricane katrina start well to all surfaces including:.

The bricks stick out typically, making it easy to chrisgmas hooks to. So to attach rope lights to concrete while you could use the Scotch Outdoor Mounting Tape, a better, more long-term solution will be to drill holes in the concrete and use screw-on clamps. Most rope lights naturally have places where you can cut it to length without damaging the wires, so cut-to-length if needed.

What drill bit do you use for drilling into a concrete wall? Decide and mark the concrete with kn pencil where the clamps will go. Drill using a masonry drill bit click to see a great set on Amazon since they are designed for brick and concrete on your marks going as deep as your screws.

Drill slow and steady as to not cause too much excess concrete to break away. Also, make sure to drill at least as deep as the length of the screw. Due to the nature of how to put christmas lights on brick house and how screws thread, a plastic wall anchor is a great way to ensure the perfect fit for your screw. Ansen Tools makes a great piece set of screws click to check out on Amazonanchors and even comes with the masonry drill go.

Then just use the rope light mounting clips click to see on Amazon of your choice, such as these made by Lokman. They not only work housse for Christmas lights but also stockings over a brick fireplace or any kind of year-round decorations as well. Buy several sets of these Holiday Joy Brick Clip sets click to check current price on Amazon for all your Christmas light needs. We looked at several solutions that go up quickly and easily with no drilling required.

But we also covered how to hang rope lights on concrete which has its own challenges. Specifically, though, we looked at the best tips on how to hang Christmas lights on brick walls.

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Dec 21,  · Attaching Christmas Lights to Brick One of the best ways to attach Christmas lights to brick is to use a hot-glue gun. Popular Mechanics recommends this over masonry anchors and fasteners, as those. Use hot glue to hang lights on brick. It'll make hanging your lights go super fast, and the glue scrapes off easily. Feb 12,  · Hot melt some plant wire to the brick then you can twist the plant wire to hold the lights.

While Christmas lights add a lot of appeal to your home during the holidays, hanging Christmas lights on a brick home can be a tricky endeavor. Brick cracks easily if you try to drill into it. This article will explain how to properly hang Christmas lights on your home without cracking or otherwise destroying your brick exterior. Before you go outside to hang a string of Christmas lights, make a game plan. Use drawings or photographs of your house and represent your lights with colored markers.

You can make your design as elaborate as you want. Also, denote the brick parts of your home somehow. This blueprint will go a long way when you have to purchase not only your lights but your supplies to hang them.

When you purchase your anchors and screws, always buy more than you actually need. This will save you a major headache if you run out. Also, use only clear, plastic anchors because metal ones are not only visible but vulnerable to rust after prolonged exposure to the elements. Before you buy the anchors, make sure you look at the package. You need to know the anchors' diameter. This is the size of the drill bit you'll need.

Also, try to find screw hooks that are white or clear to match your anchors. Just remember that they have to be big enough to fit a strand of lights. You do not want to drill directly into the brick, as it can break if you do. You will be installing the anchors to the mortar instead. Put in your masonry drill bit and start drilling guide holes where you need them.

Slowly drill the holes to avoid brick damage. When your hole is drilled you can insert the plastic anchor. Do not force the anchor in the hole with your hand. Tap it very gently with the rubber mallet until it is in place. Once the anchor is snug in the guide hole, you can install the screw hook. You might need to use a pair of pliers to get each screw hook fully inside the hole.

The idea is for the anchors to be tight so they can support the brick and for the screw hooks to be snug so they can support the Christmas lights. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation subscribe. How to Attach Christmas Lights to Brick. Written by Doityourself Staff. What You'll Need. Christmas lights.

Masonry drill bit. Clear, plastic anchors. Screw hooks. Rubber mallet. Electric screwdriver. Share this article. Doityourself Staff.

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