How to stop people parking in your space

how to stop people parking in your space

6 Things You Can Do When Someone Steals Your Parking Space

Act pre-emptively Use signs. There are legal routes that you can pursue as the laws of contract and trespass apply. This means that you ANPR can be helpful. The use of Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) may be beneficial for keeping your car park Use online parking booking systems. Jan 05,  · I've previously had the same problem & ultimately I invested in a lockable drop down post. This is probably the quickest & easiest way to stop someone parking in your space. Always get a fully lockable one.

Just wondered if anyone has any sensible advice as to how I can stop someone parking in my car parking space which I own. I have an allocated parking space within a private development and every time I disappear for a couple of days the same person jumps in my parking space.

I have asked them 5 times now but still they keep parking there when I disappear for a few days. If anyone has experienced a similar situation and has managed to find a legal solution I would be very paroing to have your comments. Some you can lock their car in the space if you really wanted. Always get un fully lockable one. I understand Staples at the bottom of the Moor has the same problem after several posters on here told the world there was nothing they can do about it.

Too true. Or tell you that someone could put a cardboard box there, and live in stol due to lack of council houses. Thanks for your comments and ppeople the links which are really helpful the one with the toy car is so funny slace made my day.

I think the collapsible bollards are a great idea and is the answer, but when I asked the management company about fitting one they said we couldn't because it then opens it up to people being able to put what they want on the parking spaces eg. You need how to stop people parking in your space be a member in order to pepole a comment. Sign up for a new pekple in our community.

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Posted January 5, Share this post Link to how to start an import export business Share on other sites Share this content via Personaly i would make it clear it has how to stop people parking in your space stop,if that sppace threatening them so be it.

Posted January 5, edited. If you actually own the space, install a lockable fold down post. When you leave the space, lock it up. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now.

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Fill your internal parking space with something you don't need inside the house, like sofa, chairs, tables flower pots etc and start parking outside. Do vice versa, fill you outside place with flowr pots and occupy the space Buy another car or vehicle and start parking outside. Make some seating space in that spot for you to sit in evenings. Mar 20,  · Have problems with people who park in your driveway? There are a few approaches you can take. You could notify the owner in person, call the police, or you could put up a sign, for starters. But if you know who they are and can identify them, you can also send them a letter to put the car’s owner on notice. We’ve put together a sample below. Oct 29,  · We only have 5 spaces in work & it is clearly marked private parking only. The parking spaces are about 1 metre away from my window & people have the audacity to park right outside then walk out of the car park into the dentists next door!! I just glared at a woman doing this 2 minutes ago & she's giving me dirty looks!! There's plenty of spaces on the road but the trafic wardens go up & down.

So you turn on your blinker protocol for claiming a spot , and you wait for the sluggish family to get settled in their car and finally pull out of the spot. In the meantime, you see from a distance, another car from the opposite side, slow their speed and conveniently pause a few feet from the very spot you have been staking out. A competitive rush of adrenaline takes over for a split second. But you give them the benefit of the doubt, thinking that they are just letting the car out.

How dare they?! What have I done to deserve this incredulous behavior? Your actual thoughts are far less elegant, and would be considered wildly inappropriate in any professional workplace. Here are few potential ways to handle this situation. This allows you to let off steam without confrontation, but it all depends on how you word it. You can whine about it, or you can let other sympathize with you.

Avoid the needy all-caps vent-status. Damn right! Other than making yourself feel a little better, you risk getting caught on security cameras or having a good samaritan jot down your license number. You deserve to express yourself, and let the thief know that he or she did something unnecessarily cruel.

But honestly, the most he or she will do is scoff at you, take that finger as a trophy, and put it in the glove compartment. With this action, you only continue to feed their wrongdoing, and make yourself look like an asshole too with the possibility of starting a parking lot fight. Besides, are you a professional MMA fighter?

This method is a popular amongst parental figures, and it is usually paired with some under-the-breath shit-talking out the window. Unfortunately, this is similar to giving the finger. You stole my spot! Note to self: Go buy pens and a sticky pads. Just let it out. If there are other people in your car, preferably not your boss or your in-laws, let the vent-fest begin!

From the color of their car to their pretentious alumni license plate frame, roast em good. These words are for us all. Beyond Worthy , by Jacqueline Whitney. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Write an angry Facebook status. Key their car or slash their tires. Give a dirty look, or the finger.

Honk obnoxiously and storm off. Write a note. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! See you Friday. Follow Thought Catalog.


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