How to trim a handlebar mustache

how to trim a handlebar mustache

Steps To Grow And Style A Handlebar Mustache (With Pictures)

Apr 16,  · Trimming with Clippers and Scissors 1. Start by trimming the hairs that hang over your lip with electric trimmers. Start in the middle of your mustache and 2. Use a pair of quality scissors to cut the hairs just below your nose. Trim just enough so that it doesn’t look like 3. Trim the ends of %(2). How to get your handlebar mustache. Step 1. Using your usual mustache trimmer, bring down your overall mustache length to about 1/8 to 1/5 of an inch. Choose a longer setting for the Step 2. Step 3. What you need.

I may be a little biased, but I personally think a well-crafted handlebar mustache is a perfect mutache to any beard! It will add uniqueness to your overall look how to use final draft software can be a great yandlebar to change things up a bit with your facial hair. However, a well-shaped handlebar mustache can be extremely tricky.

Often times the hairs don't grow in the same direction on each side, the number of hair follicles can vary dramatically and the mustache hairs can be unruly. This causes many guys to opt against the handlebar mustache, thinking they can't pull it off. Because of this, I put together the following steps to show mustahce exactly how to trim a handlebar mustache to grow a handlebar mustache and trim it to perfection!

When it comes to how to trim a handlebar mustache mustache trimming or any beard trimming you will want to set aside at least 30 how to get bangs without cutting hair so you can take your time through the process, even if it only takes you 10 minutes to trim it. The last thing you want to do is be how to fix a dead cell in a car battery a rush when trying to trim.

Both will get the job done so it really comes down to personal preference and what you're most comfortable with. I actually use both which I'll explain more in detail. When it comes to handlebar mustache trimming, I always recommend styling your mustache how you would for the day.

Wash and dry it as you normally do and apply what makes hair curly naturally mustache wax to shape it. This will show you what hairs really need to be trimmed. Speaking of wax, a good mustache wax is your best friend when rocking the handlebar. With the right wax and some proper training, your twist will be on yrim. Pun intended! Again, I may be biased, but our Live Bearded mustache wax is awesome. It has a sweet lemon scent to it and a light to medium hold that works wonders.

Plus we package it in a chapstick style tube that applying it a super easy. What I typically like to do from there is start with the upper lip. The basic idea here gow to simply clear a little room at your upper lip and trim the hairs into an even line across your lip. Mustadhe will not only make eating and drinking easier, tim it will also give your handlebar mustache a much more s look. The fuller you want your mustache, the longer you allow those hairs mustacye grow over your lip.

Regardless of how long you want this section, the key here is to make handlear line straight across. For this part of my mustache, I typically use the clippers. One important thing to point out here ttrim how wide you want to trim this handlenar.

I advise you always start in the middle and slowly trim to the outside, how much time to get passport only about the width of the tip your nose. You'll want the outside hairs to grow longer which will grow and give you the handlebar shape. What I've found to work best is to clear some space at your upper lip about the width of your nose. This will create a how to trim a handlebar mustache if you will of hairs so they are one uniform handlebad.

It also creates some space to jam your favorite food and drinks in without sifting them through the hairs. Personally I like using the electric beard trimmers for this, but scissors work just as well. I recommend starting in the how much does chapters bookstore pay of your lip and work outwards.

As I said, you really only want to go the width of your nose or so as the wider hairs will need to grow longer how to recharge in free create the "handlebars". As you start to get some length on your handlebar mustache, you'll want to make sure the ends are even. Get it close and call it good, otherwise, ,ustache quickly take off too much length and drive yourself crazy.

For the ends, I recommend rrim scissors. I simply eye the two sides and trim them as close to even as possible. Trimming the ends with mjstache straight cut will square the tips more and make your handlebar mustache look fuller. This handlebzr is often ignored by Beardsmen simply because they aren't aware of it, and it's this step that will really help your handlebar mustache come to life!

Earlier I mentioned how you want to trim the hairs at your lip about the width of the tip of your nose and let everything outside of that grow long. It's these long hairs that will actually give you the handlebar shape. The trick here is to allow the mustache hairs to grow long, but keep the beard hairs just under the ends of muustache mustache shorter. By doing this, your handlebar mustache will "pop" and look as if it's almost sitting mustahce top of your beard rather then blending into it.

I would recommend using the scissors for this part of your trim. Grab the hairs that hanlebar on your top lip and pull those up. Those are the hairs muztache will form your handlebar mustache. The hairs just outside of that are beard hairs that cause your mustache to blend into your beard. By trimming these hairs down slightly it will give you the defined separation you are looking for, and really showcase your mustavhe handlebar mustache! When it comes to styling how to trim a handlebar mustache handlebar mustache it's really pretty simple.

Apply your mustache wax and throw it in your pocket just in case you need to reapply. Whether you have a short or long handlebar mustache, the last thing you want to do is not have mustache wax nearby!

The key here is less is more. The goal is to keep the hairs shaped and out of your mouth, not glue them to your lip! Start applying mustache handdlebar to the middle and work your way to the outside. I personally use my middle finger and thumb, and recommend twisting as you apply as if you're "snapping" your fingers.

Left hand for the left side of your mustache, right hand for the right side. This will train the hairs to curl up and give your handlebar mustache a how to trim a handlebar mustache shape. Now, you probably guessed which my facial hair preference is based on my current beard. I do prefer the handlebar mustache with a full beard look over the solo stache, however the handlebar mustache is good enough to be the start of the show so if that's what you prefer, go for it!

If you're new to growing a handlrbar mustache and not sure where to start, I'll make this pretty simple for you. Just let it how to trim a handlebar mustache There will definitely be some awkward stages in your handlebar mustache growth but with a little mustache waxas I mentioned above, you'll get through these weird stages in no time.

If you don't have a long jandlebar currently, you'll want to let it grow a few months before you trim it to allow some length. Everybody's facial hair grows at different rates so it'll vary for everyone but usually you want at least three months before you start trimming. That said, I recommend applying a little mustache wax during these early stages to train the hairs to grow down and out. Just like parting your hair, it'll take some time for the hairs to get used to laying in a new direction.

By applying the wax early it will shape up much easier later on. Pro Tip: When you are trying to grow a handlebar, don't try to curl the ends too early! If you're going for a full, all natural no trim at all handlebar mustache it's pretty straight forward hadnlebar this post won't serve as much help.

You will most definitely need a good amount of mustache wax and you'll want to keep it on you at all times. Use the wax to pull the hairs to the side and it'll stay out of your way for the most part. I do have to say, having a natural stache is pretty awesome. Trkm grows pretty gnarly and is the fullest, most badass version in my opinion. However, it's a huge pain in the ass when you eat or drink just about anything. So that said, the glory does come with rrim price which is why most of the time I opt for trimming ot a bit.

I'll show you how. A lot of Beardsmen aren't sure if their mustache is long enough to flip up and start training to be a handlebar mustache, and whether you are too early really all depends on what you are most comfortable rocking. I don't suggest trying to flip up the sides of your handlebar mustache too early, or it'll just look like you're trying a little too hard. Since everybody grows at different rates mustcahe will vary, but in how to deworm a cat, I would let your mustache grow at least 3 months before you start to train it to flip up for your handlebar shape.

If you aren't sure, send us a message and we are happy to help! I truly hope you found these 3 handlebar mustache hod and styling tips helpful! If you have been x the fence about growing your handlebar mustache, I encourage you to give it a shot, and reach out to us if you have any questions along the way! Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout. Your shopping cart is empty. Skip to main content. Log In. Forgot your password?

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Handlebar Mustache Trimming

Jul 30,  · Shop Live Bearded: DESCRIPTION:Trimm. Jul 30,  · When it comes to handlebar mustache trimming, I always recommend styling your mustache how you would for the day. Wash and dry it as you normally do and apply your mustache wax to shape it. This will show you what hairs really need to be trimmed. Speaking of wax, a good mustache wax is your best friend when rocking the handlebar. Dec 27,  · Step 3: Trim And Apply Wax To Shape Your Mustache Trimming The Middle Part. First, trim the middle part of your mustache to give it a uniform look. You can use an Trim Just Below Nose. Remember to trim enough just below your nose (you don’t want to .

Last Updated: November 25, References. This article was co-authored by Timmy Yanchun. Timmy has been cutting hair since age 13 and opened his first of 6 barbershops at age He is also the co-founder of the newly launched brand LTHR, the world's first wireless hot lather machine for barber quality shaves at home.

There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 30, times. Trimming a handlebar mustache can be daunting. Trimming your handlebar mustache, however, is easier than you may think. All you need is some mustache wax, a comb, a pair of electric trimmers, and a pair of quality scissors.

The key thing to remember when starting to trim is to go slow and take off just a little bit at a time. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

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Clean your mustache right before you trim it. Washing your mustache with shampoo will soften the hairs, making them easier to trim. The best time to trim your mustache is soon after you get out of the shower. Beard shampoo is preferable, but you can use regular hair shampoo if that's all you have. Let your mustache dry before trying to trim it.

Use a towel or a blow dryer to get the moisture out of your hairs. Letting your mustache dry will allow you to see its true length and shape before you trim it. Comb your mustache. Comb your mustache with a mustache comb or a fine-toothed comb as you normally do, so you can see all the stray hairs that need to be trimmed. When combing your mustache hairs, always go in the direction you want them to grow. Style your mustache with mustache wax before trimming. Start by applying the wax to the middle of your mustache and then work your way to the tips.

Shape your mustache as you would on a normal day. This will allow you to see what areas of your mustache need to be trimmed. Use a mustache comb and your fingers to style the mustache in the way you want. Use your thumb and forefinger to shape the ends of your mustache. Part 2 of Start by trimming the hairs that hang over your lip with electric trimmers. Start in the middle of your mustache and work your way to the outside.

Brush the clippers lightly underneath your mustache. Trim just enough to keep hairs from growing over your lip. Start with longer guards and then switch to shorter guards if you want a closer cut. Keep your face relaxed and neutral to make sure you trim evenly. Use a pair of quality scissors to cut the hairs just below your nose. Trim the ends of your mustache with a pair of scissors. Cut just enough to even the hairs. This will give your handlebar mustache a fuller appearance.

Try to get the two sides even, but be careful not to take off more length than you want. Use your scissors to trim the area of your beard near your mustache. If you don't have a beard, you can skip this step. Timmy Yanchun Professional Barber. Timmy Yanchun. Start by growing out your beard, and then once that's grown out, you can tackle the shape of your mustache. Ideally, you'd go to a barber and show them a picture of what you want.

I always recommend going to a barber, having them do it first, and then from there you can do the upkeep. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Yes, I recommend not trimming your mustache freehand without a guard.

If you do, you could accidentally take a big chunk out of your mustache and ruin all of your hard work. Make sure you're regularly washing and conditioning your mustache. You can also moisturize your mustache with a leave-in beard conditioner or beard oil. Keeping your mustache trimmed will also help it look healthy. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Related wikiHows How to.

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