How to work whatsapp in pc

how to work whatsapp in pc

How to use WhatsApp on PC and connect it to your Android smartphone

Feb 03,  · Tap WhatsApp Web. Hold your phone up to the computer screen to scan the QR Code displayed on the desktop or web client. The WhatsApp client opens immediately and shows the messages you have on your phone. Close WhatsApp on your phone and use it from your computer. Jun 18,  · Using WhatsApp Web, you connect your smartphone to a computer or a browser. As long as both devices are close to one another, you can use your computer to send messages via WhatsApp on your phone. You can use WhatsApp Web from any desktop browser (all major browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera are supported) or any platform.

Because this method is like the first one, but the only difference is that you will have to download WhatsApp on desktop. Just by clicking the file, it how to work whatsapp in pc be installed and launched on your computer, and you will see a screen like this:. Watch the video to understand even better. Oc to use WhatsApp on pc without a phone?

This method is for you. Unfortunately, things tend to change often with WhatsApp, so if you ever need assistance on WhatsApp Web, you should find the guidance on the there official page.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts about this topic, pcc free to leave a comment below. Hey I'm Arslan, the guy behind Ecomsay. I am wirk about anything that touches entrepreneurship and on this website I share my experience with people about different online services and platforms. Excellent choice of colors! I absolutely love your blog. Did you develop this site yourself? Hey Gideon, Thanks you. Does not work on subsequent scanning. It does NOT scan it.

These so-called QR Reader apps are crap and these instructions only apply to a what does an lpn do in canada user, basically. Please log in again.

The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. After scanning the QR code, you will see all your WhatsApp contacts.

Workk, you can send text messages or receive media files from your friends and family members. Whatsap dialog. Session expired Please log in again.

Chat on your PC or Mac in the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp

Dec 17,  · How to use the WhatsApp Desktop app on Windows You can also use WhatsApp on your PC through its official standalone Windows 10 desktop client: WhatsApp Desktop. Access the WhatsApp Download page, which automatically detects your operating system and suggests the compatible version. Download and install WhatsApp Desktop on your Windows 10 computer or device.

There are two ways to access the app from your computer or device, either from your browser or by using the WhatsApp Desktop client. Read this tutorial to learn how to use WhatsApp directly from your Windows 10 computer:. Closing in on two billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is more popular than ever.

While the app helps us stay connected, it also takes up a lot of time from our day, cultivating the Pavlovian conditioning of checking our smartphones whenever we get a new message. Luckily, you can now use WhatsApp on your PC, which can be a time-saver, especially if you spend hours in front of a computer. Both WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop use your smartphone to route messages, so the mobile version needs to be active in order for them to work.

That means your smartphone needs to have WhatsApp installed and plenty of battery. It also requires a stable internet connection, either on WiFi or with a good data plan to avoid extra charges, because all messages sent and received are synced on the devices connected to your account. However, only one instance of the app can be used at one time, on top of the classic mobile version.

If you spend a lot of time browsing the internet, having WhatsApp open in your browser can save you tons of time. The page displays a QR code. To pair WhatsApp Web with your Android smartphone, you need to scan the code.

Start by opening WhatsApp on your smartphone. A surefire way to access it is from the All apps screen. In the Chats section, tap the More options button from the upper right corner. Its icon looks like three vertical dots. Your Android smartphone displays a screen similar to camera mode, with a highlighted rectangular section. Point it at your computer monitor and scan the QR code by framing it inside the rectangular section.

WhatsApp loads immediately in the web client you opened in your browser, and you can now use it to send and receive messages. Access the WhatsApp Download page , which automatically detects your operating system and suggests the compatible version. Download and install WhatsApp Desktop on your Windows 10 computer or device.

The program is basically a downloadable version of WhatsApp Web , so connecting to your account is similar. The app launches, displaying a screen with a QR code. Make sure that you are in the Chats section, and then tap on the More options button, which looks like three vertical dots, from the upper right corner.

Your Android smartphone shows a screen similar to camera mode, and you need to use it to scan the QR code. Point your smartphone at your monitor, and use the highlighted rectangular section in the middle of the screen to frame the QR code. The WhatsApp Desktop app connects to your account. It now syncs your messages between devices, and you can use it to communicate. By default, the option to remember your account is enabled in both the web and the desktop WhatsApp clients.

If you forgot to uncheck that section, you can logout from WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop by using the Menu button shown by both clients. It looks like three horizontal dots. Click or tap on Log out , and that browser or app no longer remembers your WhatsApp account.

But what if you used a public computer and you realize you forgot to log out of your WhatsApp account. Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone, go to the Chats tab, and tap the More options button from the upper right corner. If your account is still logged on any devices or browsers, they are shown in a list, with several details to help you identify them. Tap on an entry to log out from that device.

Tap on Log out to confirm. The entry disappears from the list, and you are instantly logged out from that device. Not only is it distracting to take out your Android smartphone for every alert, but, for some of us, it is infinitely faster to write messages on a physical keyboard instead of a touchscreen.

After learning that we can use WhatsApp on our PC, it became a constant addition to our desktop web browser. What about you? Do you plan to use WhatsApp in the browser or the desktop client? Leave a comment with your opinion below. This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience. Learn more in our cookie policy. How to add a contact to WhatsApp on Android: 4 ways. How to use the Windows 10 Your Phone app with Android smartphones.

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