What does a wind sock do

what does a wind sock do

How To AVOID Wind Knots and Tangles With Braided Line

Feb 05, How to Make a Windsock for Children. Windsocks are a popular decoration to hang up on your porch. You can also hold them by the handle, and run around with them to make the streamers ripple in the wind. They come in all sorts of shapes and. Feb 28, i sucked up a sock and before i could get it out my hoover windtunnel t-series p.a.w.s started to smell like it was burning up. i turned it off. and now, in the surface selector mode it makes a loud clamoring sound as the belt rotates around. ive inspected everything and nothing seems to be rubbing. it does not make this sound when the.

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Re: Have you ever lost a sock to the inside part of the washer

Protect perforated drain pipes from sand and sediment clogging with this Drain-Sleeve 4 in. x 10 ft. Filter Sock. Designed for pipes 3 - 4 in. in diameter, this fabric filter sock creates a water-permeable barrier to keep deposits from building up in drain pipes and reduces the need for gravel backfill. Oct 28, Hang the wind chime from a tall lantern or plant holder. A tall lantern or plant holder is a great choice if you want to be able to move the wind chime to different locations. A holder thats at least 4 feet ( m) to 5 feet ( m) tall is ideal, but you could use a shorter one for a small wind chime. Dec 06, Wind Knot Solution #1 Avoid Casting Into the Wind As stated above, the most common cause of line tangles associated with braided line is casting into the wind (hence the name wind knots). Take the time to position yourself to have the wind to your back whenever you can.

Directions are for toe-up on two circulars. The example is given for 48 stitches, but you can use any number you like. To work this sock from the top down, reverse the directions. That is, cast on 48 st, knit until it is the desired length to where your leg meets the top of the foot. Work the gusset, work the heel, knit the foot until you get to the toe area.

Work decreases instead of increases until you have 8 stitches left on each needle. Weave the toe together with Kitchener stitch. And the French translation is here. Insert your right hand needle from front to back into the top of the stitch below the next one to be knitted. Knit the stitch in the usual way. Then, knit the next stitch on your left hand needle. After I developed this method, I subsequently discovered a way to avoid gusset holes.

Please see this post and follow the directions when you finish turning the heel. Toe Cast on 8 stitches on each of two needles. You can use 10 for larger feet or 12 for really, really big feet. I use the Turkish cast on. See this link for excellent directions. Repeat these two rounds, increasing four stitches per round, until you have a total of 48 stitches 24 on each needle.

Or, as my emailers keep reminding me, 48 is just the sample. Increase to whatever number of stitches fits your foot as described next. The toe should just slip over your, um, ring toe. Trust me on this. We are not assembling a Swiss watch. Try it on! Continue stockinette stitch on 48 stitches or whatever number you have decided upon until the sock reaches the point where your leg connects to your foot.

Round 1 Gusset needle: k2, inc1, knit to second-to-last stitch, inc1, k2. Instep needle: Knit. Or two less than your total number of stitches. For 54 stitches, you would repeat until you had 52 stitches on the needle. Added in edit: there's a chart at the end of this post so you don't have to do the math. You should have 23 stitches on each side 46 total. Calculations : 23 stitches is 2 less than the total number of stitches 48 divided by 2.

That is, is the total number of stitches that will be on the Gusset needle to turn the heel. Knit to 2 stitches beyond the marker. Pull the yarn tight. Slip 1 purlwise. Purl to 2 stitches beyond the marker, SSP , p1, turn. SSP : Slip 2 stitches knitwise. Move them back to the LH needle and purl them together through the back loop. Or just work a P2 together if you would rather. Slip 1, knit back to the gap, knit the stitch before and after the gap together. Knit 1. Slip 1, purl back to the gap, purl the stitch before and after the gap together.

Purl 1. Then, if you haven't already done so, please see this post to avoid gusset holes. Resume knitting around both needles and decrease away the excess stitches to bring the total back to 48 stitches or whatever your magic number of stitches is. I usually decrease 1 stitch at each end of both needles and one stitch on each side of heel center marker, which makes the heel nip in a tiny bit for the little hollow back there.

Top of Sock As this is a generic sock pattern, you can do whatever you like. Break yarn, leaving a tail about 4 times as long as the circumference of the sock. Thread a tapestry needle. Sew backward left to right through one stitch as if to knit and remove the stitch. Work in tail on the inside of the sock and trim any excess. Posted by fleegle at PM.

Labels: Knitting , socks. I don't think you specify what weight yarn you're using unless I missed it -- highly possible , but working a sock over 48 sts sounds like a sport-weight yarn on about size 3 needles.

Am I close? I usually work socks with finer yarn on smaller needles, but it would be easy enough to scale up. I'm working on the heel now and these instructions differ from those you wrote on Knitter's Review in July. When I turn after each row, don't I need to slip the first stitch to get the working yarn to the RH needle? Do you slip purlwise? Also, when I knit to gap and then k2tog should one stitch be before the gap and one stitch after the gap to close it?

I'm confused about this part. Thanks for your help. I changed the directions whoops, the slip 1's were missing in the first part of the directions.. So sorry. Yes, slip 1 purlwise at the beginning of each row of heel stitches and knit or purl the stitch before the gap with the one after the gap. Well, this is clever! However, this math seems off: 23 stitches is 2 less than the total number of stitches 48 divided by 2. Okay, I officially hate Blogger.

On each needle: , inc1, knit to second-to-last stitch, inc1, k2. I think I found another mistake. Don't you need to k1 before you knit the increase on the toe?

You are correct. You can see there's a comma there and somehow the initial K2 got deleted. It's there in my Word file, so somehow it dropped out in blogger. Thanks for finding it. I've been trying to knit a proper sock for over a year and a half now, and your heel has helped me do that.

You rock! Thanks Thanks Thank!!! It is my new perfect sock pattern. Hey Fleegle! I stumbled upon this heel for cuff down sox in a Knit Simple magazine and have worked many. I just eye-ball the increases and decreases at this point. I've learned in cuff down that it's nice to knit a couple less rows on the instep, to reduce bulk there.

Haven't yet done enough toe-ups to know if I should, but will be experimenting. I apologize in advance if this is a repeat question because I had my comment all done then had to sign for a Google account. Your "fleegle heel". I love it!!! It's the nicest, neatest as in tidy heel I've done!!

I like cuff down knitting and can't seem to understand reversing the instructions for it. You knit the cuff and leg then gusset and heel as the pattern states. Shouldn't the heel come first and how do I get that?

I've tried to figure it out but can't seem to get it right. Please help!! And thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and tips. You are appreciated!! Dear Mliz-- Your blogger account didn't give an email, so I couldn't respond to you directly. To knit from the top down, cast on the stitches, knit to where your leg meets your foot.

KNit the gusset.


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