What guitar does mark knopfler use

what guitar does mark knopfler use

Mark KnopflerТs Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Ц and how I use mine

/85 Steinberger GL2 Standard. Mark played this guitar occasionally on the song УMoney For NothingФ during the later part of Brothers in Arms tour in MarkТs GL2 is finished in black, and features one piece composite body/neck, EMG 60 humbucker in the bridge and EMG 81 in the neck. Mark Knopfler's gear and equipment including the Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar. Get the gear to sound like Mark Knopfler and get their tone. Store EXPLORE ARTISTS: Music Producers Guitarists Drummers Bassists DJs more.

During the s, he formed and joined schoolboy bands and listened to singers like Elvis Presley and guitarists Chet Atkins, Scotty Moore, B. As a member of Dire Straits, and as a solo artist, Mark sold over million records worldwide, and has won 4 Grammy Awards. It can be seen a photo presented during a documentary dubbed Guitar Stories, where Mark talks about six guitar that helped him define his sound.

The guitar featured double-cutaway mahogany body finished in cherry red, and two P pickups. Mark used this guitar on the recording of the album, and as a spare for his maple necked Strat. Towards he started using this guitar more than the maple Strat, but in mid 80s he decided it was better to keep the guitar safe at his house for obvious sentimental reasons. Ingo Raven at mk-guitar. He notes that some parts seem to have been changed and gathered from different sources, hinting at a possible Part-caster.

Read the full story on mk-guitar. It had two standard Telecaster single-coil pickups and a mahogany body. This guitar was used from to around when Mark switched to Pensa-Suhr guitars, although he did pick it up occasionally in the 90s. There were actually two nearly identical sunburst Schecters, one of which was stolen in the early 80s, and the other one becoming its replacement. Both guitars were finished in sunburst, and featured what guitar does mark knopfler use pickguard, one-piece maple neck, and three Schecter FT pickups.

The first Schecter which was stolen had dot inlays on the neck, and the jack socket was on the front of the body, while the second one had no inlays and the jack plate was on the side.

The pickup in it are Schecter FTs, and the neck has no visible inlays. He still owns this guitar and plays it live occasionally. So Mark was likely misquoted or made a lapsus in saying he bought the guitar in the 70s, since most clues point towards 80s. The switch was allegedly modified so that the middle would connect the pickups out of phase. The guitar featured white finish on Schecter-made Stratocaster-style body, and a Schecter neck Ч shaped and styled after an original Fender Stratocaster neck.

Suhr used Dunlop frets, but shaped the fretboard for a 10 inch radius when compared to a 7. He fitted the guitar with a tortoise shell pickguard, and installed three Seymour Duncan Alnico pickups, and what guitar does mark knopfler use an original Fender vintage-style tremolo bridge.

The headstock was also decorated with a Fender decal, which confused many people into thinking that this was an what guitar does mark knopfler use Fender.

It was also seen couple of times on his more recent solo tours. It is also equipped with a TransTrem vibrato system, which was a pretty big deal back in the day, and allowed entire chords to have their pitch bent without causing the strings to go out of tune with each other.

The two discussed about a possible project Ч a guitar which would be a sort of a crossover between a Stratocaster and a Les Paul. They agreed on the what guitar does mark knopfler use, and drew a first sketch of this guitar on a napkin they found what animals are only found in north america the table.

The guitar was finished sometime in earlyand it was completely built by John Suhr who worked at Pensa music shop at the time. John used mahogany as a basis for the body, one-piece carved maple as a top, and brazilian rosewood as a fretboard material. This guitar is perhaps best known for its appearance on Nelson Mandela 70th birthday concert played in June So the first time Mark ever picked up this guitar was at the rehearsal event at Hammersmith Odeon on June 8th Since then Mark grew accustomed to fatter necks of his Gibson Les Pauls, and eventually stopped using this guitar altogether.

The guitar does share a lot of similarities with the orange guitar, so it is highly possible that this model was used as a building ground. Main difference between the two, beside the obvious one like the color, is the fact that his guitar features flat top and front-mounted humbucker. The guitar features blonde finish, archtop design, and two Alnico V pickups. It was a sort of a blue-print and a prototype model for the MK-2 signature line, but another different guitar followed after this one in late 90s, and was a more finished version of the final product.

This guitar was made by Rudy Pensa John Suhr parted ways with Pensa inso he was not involved in making this guitarand featured mahogany back with flamed koa top finished in dark shade of orange, and three single-coil pickups Ч allegedly custom-made by Lindy Fralin.

The guitar that we mentioned in the first paragraph that came after this one and featured almost identical design therefore we included it herewas finished in Although it did looks almost identical to the first model, it did feature a maple top when compared to koa on the first one, three Seymour Duncan Antiquity single-coil pickups, and a thicker neck with bigger fretboard radius.

The second guitar was first used during the Sailing to Philadelphia tour inand Mark still occasionally picks it up during live performances, but beware that this is not the same Pensa with white body binding he uses more often nowadays. It is supposedly how to stop skin from peeling on your face 59th Stratocaster ever made.

This is the first vintage Les Paul that Mark ever bought, and it quickly replaced his 80s reissue that was used on Brothers in Arms album. It was presumably one what guitar does mark knopfler use the earliest models to feature sunburst finish Ч a design change from the usual gold-top finish introduced in July Mark uses this guitar extensively live, even more so than his other Les Paul often considered the most desirable Les Paul model. He used it first on the tour for his solo album Golden Heart released in The guitar features a lot less faded finish when compared to his 58 Les Paul, so the two can easily be easily distinguished if you know where to look.

Basically, all of the late 50s Les Pauls originally featured similar cherry red sunburst finish, but due to the use of ultra-violet sensitive dye on some of them, lots of those guitars lost their original red accents mostly due to exposure to the sun. He started using it in the early 90s with Notting Hillbillies, and still plays it occasionally it nowadays.

Fender Stratocaster Mark Knopfler Signature This guitar model was introduced inand since then Mark has been using it occasionally on tours. Mark Knopfler Signature model was discontinued in The guitar features red sunburst finish, two single coil pickups, and a tremolo bridge. This model was made by What guitar does mark knopfler use and sold under Silvertone brand. The initial concept was to sell the guitar bundled with a case that has an amp built into it Ч therefore offering all-in-one solution.

It what guitar does mark knopfler use light blue finish, Hipshot tremolo and tuners, and two Lindy Fralin Soapbar single-coil pickups. Mark retrofitted this guitar with L. The guitar was a present from Paul Kennerly. The guitar features sitka spruce top, and Brazilian rosewood back and sides. A total of around guitars were made. Only of these guitar were made in the original run.

He often referred this guitar as one of the most beautiful guitars he ever held in his hands. Mark is one of those guitarists who keep most of their effects in the rack what is the meaning of seed in minecraft a live setting, meaning Ч he mostly lets his guitar tech take care of them.

In the studio, most of the effects are added in the process of mixing and editing the tapes. GroundGuitar counts on your criticism and feedback. In case you notice anything wrong with the information posted on this page, or you have knowledge of something that you would like to share, be sure how to go to langkawi from kuala lumpur leave a comment above.

In case you want to talk to me privatly, please use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. This Stratocaster was bought sometime prior to Dire Straits first album released in Mark acquired this guitar sometime in Mark recieved this guitar sometime prior to the recording of Golden Heart album in Mark got this guitar from Paul Kennerly English singer-songwriter, producer sometime in mid 90s.

Purchased sometime in the mid 90s. This guitar model was introduced inand since then Mark has been using it occasionally on tours. Mark bought this guitar sometime in late 60s what does collectible condition mean on amazon early 70s at Exchange and Mart in Wales. Mark bought this guitar in from Steve Phillips, with whom he met in working as a journalist for The Yorkshire Evening Post.

Mark would usually play this one for strumming using a pick, while he mostly fingerpicks on the previously mentioned Gibson Jumbo. This is the first Mark Knopfler signature Martin, made for a short period of time in Second Mark Knopfler signature line from Martin Ч the S.

Mark KnopflerТs Acoustic Guitars:

Dec 12, †Ј They head to a music store in the cityТs Central Arcade, where Knopfler used to shop. There they present the first guitar on the list, which is also KnopflerТs very own first guitar: a Hofner Super Solid V2, a Strat replica purchased by his father for 50 pounds in when a Stratocaster proved too expensive. Sep 12, †Ј УHe also relied on his custom Pensa guitars, his signature Les Pauls, a Grosh Electrajet and a Danelectro 59 DC tuned to open C and set up for slide. УAll electric guitars are strung with DТAddario XLs, except for one Strat, which is strung with DТAddario XL, and the Danelectro, which is strung with DТAddario EJAuthor: Michael Astley-Brown. The Mark Knopfler Les Paul is handcrafted by Gibson Custom after intense hands-on analysis of the original, to match the neck profile, top carve, look, feel, and tone of an exalted original Т58 ТBurst. Its lusciously faded sunburst finish (in a maximum of hand-aged and VOS guitars), select tonewoods, period-correct nickel hardware and plastics, tubeless Historic truss-rod, hide glue neck .

Mark Knopfler has used a volume pedal almost since the very first beginning of his career. He does not only use it to adjust the overall level, but also for his characteristic volume swells that make a note fade in just like a violin. In short, he hits the note with the pedal all the way back to remove the attack, then presses it down to fade in the note.

For the first years he used a Morley volume pedal, but later he changed to a model by Ernie Ball. This is common knowledge that can be found everywhere in the internet. I bought one of these Ernie Ball pedals many years ago. In other words, mine changes the volume quite a lot as soon as you take it back just a bit. This makes it rather hard to set the volume to the desired level, one fraction of an inch too much and it is too low. When I do it, the volume comes in slowly, I have to press it down a rather long way Ч and very fast Ч until the note really cuts through.

The behaviour of a poti can be displayed as a curve, see this diagram:. He said that Mark is only happy with a particular poti that Ernie Ball once used, but which is not installed in later models anymore some recent models allow you to change this curve by the way.

They even gathered a supply of that old potis in case it worns out and must be replaced. I later tried a second and even a third Ernie Ball pedal, but all of them had the same curve as mine. One day I accidentally found a solution that works for me, without having to buy a new poti or to spend any cent at all and I admit I had no idea where to get such a poti. I swapped the input and the output jack because I accidentally plugged the guitar cable into the amp jack output of the pedal and the cable to the amp into the guitar input jack.

And voila, it behaved exactly as I want it to do. There is one side effect of this which I have to mention. This way the pedal swallows some treble end when not pressed completely down all potis do so but this way the effect is a bit extremer.

However, this is no problem for me since the softer tone fits nicely to low volume, while full volume cuts a bit more. If you use one of these and have the same problems, try it out and let us know what you think about it. Update: I recently found out how to modify all those Ernie Ball pedals with the wrong curve basically all after the mid 80ies. Thanks for the very informative article! Now, at last! As you mention in your article, EB makes a pedal that can be ajusted when it comes to volume curve the same pedal as makes you connect the tuner directly to it, so that you can use the tuner when the pedal is in full back position no sound.

Does it solve the wolume curve problem that Ingo referes to? Hey Ingo, I was just wondering if you know the name of the particular model of the pedal? Did you ask Ernie Ball support I once tried to but they did not know anything about it!? But some years ago, I had the same problem you had. I had to replace the pot in my due to scratching problems. So I just bought a regular 25K audio log pot and put it in, but the problem was the same as yours.

Since , we have been using Tocos pots, which we feel are among the very best available today. Have you tried one of these pots, so far? Hi, love your site its what I need to educate myself on Mark. Which effect would u suggest i get to get the sound in Sultans of Swing, also do you haev any tabs or instructional videos you could add so I could learn more songs like Six Blade Knife and other songs.

I came to know this when I had to replace the original poti in my EB pedal due to scratching problems first generation or so, model I guess but there are no numbers anywhere, the one with only two jacks and no tuner out some time ago. Not only that the new poti is rather crappy in comparison to the old one original K mono EB replacement part that comes in a sealed plastic bag, costs a whopping 27 EUR Ч but much smaller, cheap plastic case instead of metal on the backside, really crappy tin contacts instead of solid brass ones, so that the cable jacks hardly fit anymore and so on, plus: the old poti had a black pen marking on the front, i.

Was rather disappointed after all, but well. Is the volume pedal, pictured above, the actual one you own? I own an older style as well with the open front and the jacks on the right hand side.

Does yours have the black knob on the outside like mine does? If so, do you know what it is for? I own one and the mechanism is not rocket science. In fact when I get home am going to take a close look at the pot that comes with the pedal. Did a little more research and all you need to do is connect a k resistor from the wiper of th pot to output. My EB actually has a switch underneath the pedal that you can switch to turn this taper on and voila.

That is another interesting thought. The wiper itself is the output, so the resistor must be from the wiper to the input clip. I was going to say swap the input and output as the lines are the same shape just rotated degrees. One thing is missing here as far as i can see. You just stand on it actualy and drop the heel instead of pushing with the toes. Some of your early day pictures actualy show this setup. Dont know if he dropped this habbit in a later stage.

I noticed something whilst watching the Rockpalast performance on YouTube. Check it out at 40ms. Looks to me like Knopfler is using the pedal backwards!. Skip to content. Another great article, Ingo! Hi, the poti used in early EB volume pedals is definitely different from those they use the current versions or ship as replacement parts now. I would go for the k version, no matter if the guitar is active or passive.

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